Today, we would like to take a walk in Tokyo in Kimono with professional photographers.

There are so many tourists today in Asakusa because it’s Jan. 29 which is lunar new year.

In Japan, we only celebrate solar new year, not lunar new year.

There are many people coming from China and Taiwan during this season.

There are some Kimono rental shops in Asakusa.

You can rent a kimono from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm for only 5000 yen.

We rented two kimonos from VASARA.

They have a variety of kimono in their shop and hard to pick one.

Actually, not many Japanese can wear kimono by themselves, but don’t worry, shop clerk will help you to wear.


You can also choose your favorite belt, Japanese sandals and bag, and ready to go!

This is our combination today!!

It is pretty warm in the middle of the day, but a little chilly sometimes.

So I really recommend you to wear inner shirts and pants under the kimono. Oh! Also disposable heating pads would be helpful.

OK, let’s go!!

Wearing kimono makes you feel like you live 100 years ago.

Since kimono is so attractive, people passing by often greets you.

Asakusa is one the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

You can go to Kaminarimon Gate, Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street, so you can experience so many Japanese cultures.

There are also many shops where you can buy different kinds of souvenirs.

You can also draw a fortune slip to see your fortune and you can also be covered by smoke from the pot to be healthy.

By the way, according to the information from the Internet, there is 30 % chance of bad luck in Senso-ji Temple, which means it contains more bad luck slip compared to other temples and shrines.

Some say they have picked “very bad luck”.

Let’s see our luck! OK, three of us drew bad luck!!


But never mind, some Japanese say drawing “bad luck” does not mean that bad.

The reason is the condition you are in now is bad, but it will just get better, not worse.

Let’s go to see the Tokyo Sky Tree!!

The Tokyo Sky Tree is located 15 – 20 minutes from Asakusa Station, just across from the Sumida River.

It is 634 meter height.

No matter where you are in Tokyo, you can easily see the Tokyo Sky Tree. But the scenery from here is really special!

Let’s go to Shibuya next.


Shibuya is a city where young people like to hang out.

This is the most famous crossing road in the world.

There are tones of people crossing and somehow no one bumps into somebody’s shoulder when walking on a street.


It is also nice to have a date here in kimono.

Now, we go to Tokyo station.

Tokyo station has been under the construction for a couple of years and now it is really beautiful.

Marunouchi is a metropolitan city and there are a lot of high buildings and fashionable shops.

You can see the whole station from this area.

There are couples taking pre-wedding photography here on weekends.

We have introduced “Kimono date in Tokyo”, today.

Did you enjoy it?

There are so many fun places to introduce in Tokyo.

You are also welcome to take your pre-wedding photography in Japan!!

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