Somos un equipo de fotografía profesional de nivel superior en todo Japón.
Somos amistosos, confiables y tenemos el equipamento y la tecnología más avanzada.
Hemos tenido como clientes a más de 5.000 parejas de distintos países.


  • ROCO


    I am a professional Tokyo-based photographer.
    I was born in Hokkaido and I love my hometown! I love taking soft and warm photos, as if they are alive and hear them breathing.
    When I release the shutter, I always put my love into every photos.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Tabasco

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  • Tsuya


    She is a female photographer who can create a special world for her clients.
    She also takes wedding photos for a major magazine company in Japan.
    She is always exhilarated just like a girl with a pure heart. Her photos will grab your heart and don't want to let it go.

    Language : Japanese, English
    Favorite food : Ramen

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  • Nick


    One photograph can become a lifetime treasure. I believe that photography has a tremendous and wonderful potential to create joy.
    When I take pictures, I aim to document a single moment in time with expression and beauty.
    I shoot with a keen eye for detail and an understanding and respect for the subject matter.
    I possess a sense of mindfulness and wholeheartedly enjoy the experience.
    It is my ultimate wish to give you something that you can cherish for years to come.

    Language : Japanese, English
    Favorite food : Sweets, meat

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  • TOM


    I choose to become a photographer since I was a big fan of the photos of Robert Mapplethorpe and fascinated by Record jacket of Blue Note.
    I am now a professional photographer taking wedding photography, portrait, arts and crafts such as pottery, lacquer and glass, etc.
    I respect my clients every time I shoot and try to create a fun and happy environment.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Gratin

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  • Coo


    I became a professional photographer since I love ocean and took pictures of it. I take portrait, family, advertisement and wedding photos.
    My expertise is in creating light and posing based on my experiences of taking portrait.
    As a female photographer, I’m sure I can create an excellent moment for my clients with a friendly and gentle atmosphere.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Chocolate, miso soup

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  • Kay


    I learned photography in London and I am good at taking portrait and wedding photos.
    I had been a professional photographer in Spain.
    I can express the world of my clients by letting them give their best pose and by providing them artistic compositions.

    Language : Japanese, English
    Favorite food : Seafood, Asian cuisine

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  • daiki


    I studied architecture in college and started taking photos of architectures.
    I am now taking wedding and architecture photos as well as movies and special editing.
    I have originality in capturing a better composition. I am also good at architecture photography and landscape photography. I can capture my clients naturally and in a calm atmosphere.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Ice cream, eggplant

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  • Nao


    I graduated from a photo vocational school. I had been an assistant in studios and worked in a publishing company.
    I became a freelance photographer. "I am fascinated by wedding photos because those photos are the ones walking along with lives of groom and bride."
    I love taking wedding photos because it preserves the most important events of one's life.
    The hundreds of images come together to form a narrative of our lives.
    I try to take photos which are beautiful enough to impress them.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Sweets

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  • Daniel


    I was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Tokyo, Japan.
    I was an official Photographer of Miss International Beauty Pageant 2012.
    I have been a professional photographer for more than 10 years, and have taken more than 1000 couples.
    Japan has its four beautiful seasons and each of them has their special colors, which will deeply fascinate you. In my shooting team, I try to create a shooting environment that makes everybody happy and comfortable.

    Language : Japanese, English, Spanish
    Favorite food : Pizza

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  • Maki


    As an adviser, I have supported many brides and grooms based on my qualifications of national hairdresser's, aromatherapy advisor, color coordinator, hair and make-up artist and Japan Esthetic Association Certified Aestheticians.
    I am also a hair-make-up artist in TV programs, commercial photography and Miss International in 2012.

    Language : Japanese
    Favorite food : Parsley

  • Anna


    Hello! I’m a Japanese-English translator / interpreter.
    Out in the beautiful sun shines of Okinawa, my work consists of translation of business, legal, and tourism related documents.
    I love outdoor activities, and I am excited to have jet-skiing and snorkeling this summer!
    I hope you will discover the irresistible charms of Okinawa!

    Language : Japanese, English
    Favorite food : Avocado

  • Cindy


    I am a chief coordinator in JP Photographer. My motto is “Smiles and loves can save the world”.
    I welcome our clients from all over the world and help them to create fun and happy photo sessions.
    I speak Japanese, Chinese and English since I was born in China, grew up in Japan and studied in Canada back in University.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

    Language : Japanese, English, Chinese
    Favorite food : Vegetables, dumplings

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