What would you do if you come to Japan?

Let me tell you an interesting activity you can experience in Tokyo.

To watch sumo wrestler training!!

Japanese Sumo can be said it is a kind of special sport.

Before I learn about the information below, I just though sumo wrestlers are all fat and those have to be kicked out of a gym.



Body fat percentage:10.3% (Fat:12.6kg)

Lean body mass:113.4kg

This is a body of “Chiyo no Fuji”,  a hero !!


Isn’t it surprising? In our imagination, sumo wrestlers are fat but how come they have less fat than us?

As a matter of fact, they are really athletes, so they have more muscle than fat even they look fat.

However, eating and getting heavy are very important for them. In sumo, they don’t have  heavyweight classes, so no matter how they different in their body weight, they will fight in the same sumo ring!

Since they practice everyday, they have excellently soft muscle.


Some people say Sumo is the most dangerous sport in the world.

Think about it. A person who nearly weigh 600 pounds hit each other, which surely has a huge impact of collision 。

Sumo wrestler look great in the opening ceremony.



Every sumo matches can be extremely dangerous for them, so their training is important for them.

There are many sumo stable in Ryogoku Tokyo, where we can watch their training every morning.

Their training is usually from 7:00am to 10:00am.

If you are visiting Japan, this is a must-go place in Tokyo.

We can take you there!

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