Nowadays, a lot of Japanese young couples choose to have prenup shootings before their weddings, which was not seen that much in Japan ten years ago.

Luckily, in Japan we have western wedding dresses and traditional Japanese kimonos (which are called Shiromuku, tottaly white gown and Irouchikake with various colors) to choose.

In Japanese, “Shiro” means white and “muku” means pure.

Many girls have dreamed about their weddings and wear western wedding dresses on their big day since they were little.

They choose to wear Japanese kimono for their pre-wedding shooting these days.

But why?

Young girls in Japan have a big yearning for their big day in the future to wear western wedding dresses and a dress with their favorite colors.

So, they don’t have chance to wear Japanese traditional kimonos on their ceremony.

Some of them have their traditional kimono from their mothers’ or grandmothers’ generations.

Above these reasons, they tend to wear SHIROMUKU and IROUCHIKAME for their prenup shootings.

A bride used to wear red kimonos on their weeding. Do you know why?


That is because red is a color which girls can not wear any more after they get married.

Red is a typical color representing single girls.

Also, red color is believed to be able to protect brides from bad luck, and bring good luck to the family.

But, these days they tend to wear other colors too, such as green, purple, orange, blue etc…

They are all so pretty and gorgeous.

Hair Style

Traditional hair style is to wear TAWABOSHI (traditional kimono hood) outside on the ceremony to keep away the dust and prevent a bride from cold. It is now worn as the equivalent of the bridal veil in Western tradition.

Nowadays, fashionable young girls don’t wear WATABOSHI and choose to have a trendy hair styles like wearing their long hair up and wear some KANZASHI (ornamental hairpin) and flowers on. Some girls with short hair will have bob style which makes a good match with Kimonos either.

In here, Tokyo, Asakusa is a famous area to shoot pre-wedding photos. They can pray for their long happy life coming up in Senso-ji and ride a Jinrikisha to stroke around Japanese traditional city, Asakuma.

There is also Tokyo Skytree nearby and it is indeed a great location either for shooting and sightseeing.

How to use Japanese traditional items is a key to have a fantastic shooting wearing kimono because traditionally not so many posing are allowed in kimono shootings.


We usually to use BANGASA (traditional colorful umbrella) and TEMARI (bowls) and KAMIFU-SEN (Paper balloon).

Japanese garden definitely makes a good mach with Kimonos.


If you are planning to have wedding shooting in Japan, why not try wearing Japanese Kimono for your fun shooting.
We can prepare a whole package for you, including a photographer, a make-up-artist, transportation, and so on.

Make your days in Japan special and original with us!!

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